March 21st: SK Preseason Stuff, Schedule, etc.



This could be you this weekend!

SK has been playing exhibition games, I think they are free to go to and there are 2 more this weekend Saturday and Sunday at 1pm, both against the brand new NC Dinos. If you are looking for something outdoorsy to do on a chilly, yellow dusted, spring day…. then head down and check it out!

Fun Fact: Koreans say samgyeopsal (pork belly/ giant bacon) cures yellow dust!! It’s in the grease! It’s almost certainly bullshit.. but be sure to have some after the game.  I prefer a chain called Donaenu. 

I’ll get you ready with a bit of a season / opening day preview before .. uh.. opening day. 
If you want to wait for real baseball, and perhaps more importantly a full compliment of songs and cheerleaders, then wait until next weekend. Saturday March 30th at 2pm is the SK opener. They will be home at Munhak to face the LG Twins. There’s nothing like opening day, and it fills up fast so I would recommend getting there about 1.5-2 hours before the game to save your seats (I think the doors open around 11/11:30 if you want to try to get really good ones, or have a lot of people coming with you)

If you want to consult the rest of the schedule it can be found here. The grey ones are home games, the white ones are away. 

In other news SK beat Nexxen the other day 7-1. Choi Jeong led the way as usual with a his 2nd home run of the spring. After this season Choi becomes a free agent and could be looking at Japan or at least a relatively big payday within the KBO, so I’m sure he will be extra focused this year, his age 26 season.

Speaking of Choi Jeong, over at I R Fast, a statistically oriented baseball blog that sometimes features KBO stuff,  Clint Hulsey put out a ranking of the top hitters in the Korean league in terms of his KBO WAR stat. The stats methodology is interesting if you care about that sort of stuff, but for our purposes Choi Jeong is the 2nd best player in the KBO! It’s kind of interesting.. take a look! 



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