Player Profile: Park Jeong-Kwon

Park Jeong-Kwon  #36


Position:  1st Baseman, Right Fielder,
Birth: July 21st, 1981
Height: 187cm
Weight: 93 kg
Nickname: Mr. October


being able to perform under extreme pressure

For my first time using a squatter toilet, that was very efficient and clean. Especially considering my panicked desperation. That was clutch!


In baseball circles, you often hear about the fabled “clutch hitter”. A player that is able to, time and time again, come through when his team needs it most. The person every fan wants to see step to the plate with the game on the line in the 9th inning.

Generally, the labeling of players as clutch is misguided.  Excellent players are often thought of as clutch because they succeed in big situations more frequently than other players, but this doesn’t make them clutch hitters, it just makes them good hitters.  Very rarely can it be shown that a players performance actually measurably increases when thrust into big situations.

Park Jeong-Kwon, in his career thus far, has proved to be one of those rare cases.  Known as the “Mr. October” (Sheewol-Shee ㅋㅋ) of Korean baseball, Park has made a living out of coming up big in the playoffs for the Wyverns. The playoffs are in October…get it?…. A .265 hitter through 7 KBO seasons, Park hits at a near .370 clip in the playoffs. To go with the impressive 100 point bump in batting average he was also named the MVP of the 2010 Korean Series. He probably would have won the award in 2009 as well, had SK not dropped the 7th game of the series to KIA despite Parks 2-run homer. While Choi Jeong and Jeong  Keun-Woo are probably superior hitters at this point in their careers, when things get serious, Park Jeong-Kwon has always been the man for SK.

Mr October

Mr. October

Interestingly, although left-handed himself, Park hit left-handed pitching better in 2012  than he did right-handed pitching (.266 to .244), although he had significantly more power against righties. He was especially effective against submarine type pitchers, hitting .318, in a ridiculously small sample size of 22 AB… but still… he owns submariners, he’s like a sea mine.


Submariners beware.

Park adds value in the field with his versatility. He is a good defender at first base and is capable of  playing decently in right field when called upon to do so.

The SK lineup will be counting Park this year to step up with the departure of cleanup hitter Lee HoiJun. For some this increased pressure to perform would be daunting, but I think Mr. October can handle it.


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