Player Profile: Choi-Jeong # 14

Choi-Jeong # 14

Third Base
Born:  February 28th 1987, Korea.
Age: 25
Weight: 84kg
Nickname: 소년장사 which means Strong Boy, also Spiderman!


Choi Jeong, aside from the fact he only has 2 syllables in his name, is probably the Wyvern’s most complete player. As a high school player Choi Jeong could play all 9 positions and was an excellent starting pitcher. However, upon promotion to the professional league with SK, the team elected to use him a position player so his mighty bat could be in the lineup every day. Being a former pitcher plus a great athlete makes him a dependable 3rd baseman with a strong arm for those long throws across the diamond.
Choi Jeong had a tough start to his KBO career but has rounded into form nicely, as he continues to mature. 2008 was a real breakthrough,  in which Choi hit .328 and won Korean Series MVP as the Wyverns put their annual beating on the Doosan Bears. In each of the last 3 years Choi has hit at least .300 with 20 homeruns, as well as winning the KBO gold glove award for outstanding defense at 3rd base.  Last year he finished 2nd with 26 homeruns. At only 26 years old, he is just entering the prime of his career and projects to be a superstar of Korean baseball… or bolt for Japan in free agency next year… shrug

Throwing error!.. Just kidding, he’s a gold glover.

Gold glove, gold bow tie… pimp.

Choi is encouraged at the plate by one of the more dangerous and feminine chants for an SK hitter. The chant involves enthusiastic jumping, while screaming his name to a delightfully catchy beat! Notably, the song has changed over the last 3 years to reflect Choi Jeong’s evolving game, ambitiously encouraging a home-lun when previously, it merely called for an anta (hit).

While among the top 10 in a number of KBO hitting categories, the statistic Choi Jeong dominates is being hit by a pitch. The “death ball” (Korean term) has plunked Choi 80 times in the last 4 years, which is impressive and manly.

Considering his age, awesomness, status as an everyday player, 2 syllable name AND notable chant Choi Jeong seems like a fantastic choice for you people looking for a favourite player, SK jersey buyers, or girls looking for a Korean boyfriend who isn’t prettier than them.

 ” Hello Ladies, I’ll be with you right after this level 😉 “


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